Happy update: Buster was ADOPTED!!!
Here he is, happy with his forever family. <3
Just look at this handsome gentleman! He’s got a stunning brindle coat and he’s incredibly smart and soulful. Whoever said that eyes are the windows to one’s soul had Buster in mind. His eyes say so much. He’s a student of Zen outside of his kennel. He has a loving, chill and easygoing demeanor when in the car, on walks, getting bathed, and even at play!
Buster enjoys fetching a ball and LOVES squeaky toys. Every dog’s goal is to get the squeaker, and Buster is a champion at this game. He hands over his toys easily and is an easy rider in the car. He likes to sit in the passenger seat and take in the sites, or stretch out in the back seat for a nap. Bath time is also a treat for Buster, who likes to linger after his scrubbing to receive his head to paw towel massage. Life is good!
He consistently walks well on leash and with many and a variety of other dogs. He’s well behaved, curious and super talented. He knows paw, shake, down, high five, hand targeting, leave it, and he’s always learning more. He’s quite the achiever.
Buster prefers to be where ever the hoomans are. He loves conversation and cuddles and is a proficient hugger, with so much love to give. He found himself at the PSPCA after his mom, who has MS felt she couldn’t give him the care he deserves. He misses having a family and is eagerly waiting to meet his forever family at the Pennsylvania SPCA. www.pspca.org
Find Buster at 350 East Erie Avenue, Phila, PA. His volunteer buddy would love to set up a meet and greet, and get this guy off to the home he deserves. Please feel free to contact her: Renee Jeanine Ragno – rjragno6104@verizon.net. She’ll be happy to hear from you and will answer right away. She loves to talk about Buster. Buster is a candidate for a dog experienced, adult only home. Sound like yours? <3
Oh, and if you DO adopt Mr. Buster, we here at BEN-FM expect you to send LOTS of update photos of this guy living it up with you, happy in his forever home. And thank you.