95.7 BEN-FM  is always available on your radio but there are also several other ways you can listen to us.

Stream Us:

Pull up 957benfm.com and hit the play button below to start listening.

Amazon Alexa:

957 BEN FM App on amazonA simple 2 step process can get BEN FM playing on your Amazon Echo. As of January 1 when listening to BEN FM on Alexa you may need to reenable your Alexa skill, instructions to do so are below.

1st – Enable the BEN FM skill by saying,  “Alexa, Enable BEN FM” or do it through the Alexa app on your mobile phone. (You only have to enable it 1 time.) or by visiting amazon.com

2nd – Simply say, “Alexa, Open BEN FM”.

It’s that simple.

95.7 BEN FM playing on all of your Amazon Echo devices.

95.7 BEN-FM App:

The free app is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Download it by clicking on the store link!