Joe Perry Recalls Hearing Van Halen’s Debut for the First Time

Joe Perry was so moved when he heard Van Halen's self-titled debut that it was a minor reason for his infamous exit from Aerosmith. The guitarist elaborated on his feelings in a new interview with Guitar World. Perry said, in part, "Eddie [Van Halen]'s guitar playing was just so incredible; he turned guitar on its f---ing ear and was doing stuff that I'd never heard before. I knew it was time for a break because new ideas were needed." As most know, the dynamic within Aerosmith by the time Van Halen debuted wasn't the best. However, Perry said that between Van Halen and where Aerosmith was a band, he recalled having a "vibe or feeling" that they weren't "ready for the '80s." Fortunately, we all know Aerosmith regrouped and had quite the resurgence, putting out a number of hit albums in the '80s and '90s. Of course, Aerosmith is currently on hold. Their "Peace Out" farewell tour was recently postponed to 2024 due to issues related to a vocal injury sustained by Steven Tyler. [inlink id="joe-perry-recalls-time-kurt-cobain-hung-out-with-aerosmith" text="RELATED: Joe Perry Recalls Time Kurt Cobain Hung Out with Aerosmith"] [inlink id="aerosmith-postponing-farewell-tour-steven-tyler-vocal-cord-injury" text="Last month"], the band shared in a statement, "Unfortunately, Steven’s vocal injury is more serious than initially thought. His doctor has confirmed that in addition to the damage to his vocal cords, he fractured his larynx which requires ongoing care." The band noted, "He is receiving the best medical treatment available to ensure his recovery is swift, but given the nature of a fracture, he is being told patience is essential." Tyler added in his own personal statement, "I am heartbroken to not be out there with Aerosmith, my brothers and the incredible Black Crowes, rocking with the best fans in the world. I promise we will be back as soon as we can!" The remaining dates of the "Peace Out" farewell tour will be rescheduled for 2024. Exact dates have yet to be determined. [select-gallery gallery_id="354572" syndication_name="aerosmith-top-50-songs-in-their-catalog" description="yes"]

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