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Pennsylvania: A December Heat Wave is Coming

We're about into December, and that usually means pretty cold temperatures in our parts. I, personally, don't like the snow and cold at all. I wish we could just have a little bit around the holidays and then fast-forward to spring. But, when you live in our area, you're going to get some cold temperatures. But, you take the good with the bad, and we do live in a beautiful state, so I'll handle the cold during these winter months. The good news, for people like me who don't like the cold, is that a December heat wave is coming to Pennsylvania. We're not going to be out there in bikinis and trunks, soaking up the sun on the beach or anything. But, the forecast calls for higher than normal temperatures soon, and that warmer weather will last. Here's the scoop on what areas are getting the warmest weather and when. What to expect from this December heat wave According to, the state's weather pattern is going to turn warmer than normal starting on Thursday (Nov. 30), and these above normal temperatures are on target to last for a few weeks. Instead of temperatures in the 30s, the state is projected to hit the 50s starting Thursday and running through Monday. Even after Monday, temps dip a bit and then go back up into the 50s. Rain is also on the way, meaning we dodged the chance of having some snow. Specifically, Pittsburgh will reach 51 on Thursday and a balmy 55 on Saturday. Philadelphia will reach 50 on Thursday and 53 on Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, in Philadelphia, the temperatures will be back up to 52 by the next Saturday (Dec. 9). So, a "December heat wave" might be a bit of a strong term for this weather. But, it's certainly going to be warmer than it has been the past few days, and I'll gladly take the upswing. [select-listicle listicle_id="258221" syndication_name="stores-restaurants-open-on-christmas-day" description="no"]

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