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Wow. I tried the viral TikTok “Bold Glamour” filter and I completely get how it’s so popular.

I read a story about it this morning and concerns about how it’s giving people, especially young people, an unhealthy beauty standard to try to live up to. The worry is that they will turn to cosmetic surgery or other permanent or dangerous methods of altering their appearance to try to make this real. After trying it, I get the concern. It’s really fun though.

The filter pretty much turns you into a Kardashian. Here’s my try at the TikTok Bold Glamour filter. (Sorry about the language in the audio. There’s an F bomb. I know so little about TikTok, that I’m not even sure how that audio got attached to the video. No idea.)


Tried out the Bold Glamour filter. This is unreal. Quite literally. Too funny. The furture is weird. #boldglamour

♬ original sound - Jordynmannino


The strangest part is how realistic it is. Not realistic in that I look anything at all like that, but just in that if you don’t know me – you can’t immediately tell that I don’t. It’s less cartoony than some of the other filters. More realistic looking, even if it isn’t realistic at all.

My sisters and I are all running the Broad Street Run together this year, and keeping each other motivated by running together and sending each other our run ‘stats’ each day. I jokingly sent them my new TikTok Bold Glamour video and said, “See, a few runs in and I’m GORGEOUS now”. Who knew that was all that it took?

Anyway. This is just the beginning. Who knows what the future will hold. Maybe we’ll all be our dream appearances one day. All communicating exclusively online and in the Metaverse. A new Bold Glamour Filter world of avatars and AI and craziness. For now, we’ll just do it for fun.

~ Kristen


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