Pennsylvania’s Most Popular Costco Product

Some people are quick to show off their Costco finds on social media. This is especially true when it's a local favorite. But what are some of Costco's statewide favorite items?  The coupon aggregation site CouponBirds.com looked at social metrics to determine which Costco products are the most popular purchases in each state. Once you join Costco, it's like stepping into a whole new world of shopping. You can grab everything from bananas to camping stuff at great prices. Plus, there are fun social media groups all about the best finds and fan favorites. On a Reddit thread, someone shared how their got-to items include cherry preserves and peanut butter pretzels. One person said, "Heavenly Hunks oatmeal chocolate chip. These things are so good... they taste like you're eating cookie dough." Another person said, "Ribeye steak, Kirkland vodka, Charmin Ultra-Strong, frozen burger patties (whatever their most expensive kind is), and those big heavy-duty storage totes." USA Today reported that some of the Costco "cult favorites" include Three Berry Blend, golf balls, Utz Cheese Balls, Walnut Halves, and Cream Cheese Biscuits. The most popular Costco products in Pennsylvania According to the survey, Pennsylvania's most popular Costco product is General Mills Morning Summit Cereal. This product is also a favorite in Missouri and Texas. Some people on Reddit said it's the best cereal they've ever had. "Yes it’s very good. I went through a box pretty quickly so I bought two the last time i was in.," one person said. "Just tried some and plan on going back for more ASAP it is so delicious," another person said. They found that the majority (19 out of 30) of Costco's most popular products are its own brand, including the top product in the country, Kirkland paper towels. According to the survey, Kirkland is the most talked-about product from Costco in the country. It's the only product with over 1,100 mentions on social media over a single week. What is the Costco product talked about most in the states? The Goodles Cheddy Mac White Cheddar Shells is dominating online discussions in four states. These include Georgia, Mississippi, New York, and Ohio. According to the survey, most people commenting about the mac and cheese online made reference to the protein content, or that it's a healthier version of Kraft. And several people noted how affordable it is. Four products that were close behind the boxed Mac in terms of popularity are Trident Fish Sticks. Taking center stage in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington. Take a look at other state’s most popular Costco products with the complete findings here. [select-listicle listicle_id="655795" syndication_name="8-grocery-store-behaviors-to-avoid" description="yes"]

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