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Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Day 6/20 Benefits Children’s Hospitals Nationwide

Today is the first day of summer, and it's going up to a high of 93 degrees. It's hot. It's been hot. You may have spent $100 on cold drinks this week already, but here's a good reason to buy one more iced coffee. Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day. It's not a free product gimmick, or a recognized 'fake holiday' on the calendar, but more of a fundraising effort for a good cause. The First Day of Summer AND Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day Yes, today is the first day of summer. June 20th is also Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day! Today, for every purchase of a Dunkin' Iced Coffee, Cold Brew or Nitro, Dunkin' will donate $1 to the Joy in Childhood Foundation. The Joy in Childhood Foundation then takes those donations and grant 100% of the funds to children’s hospitals nationwide to support programs that help to make kids' hospital stays less stressful and more joyful. Helping to provide more fun childhood experiences, while these kids are experiencing something hard like a hospital stay. Helping to support programs providing yoga and exercise therapy, adaptive bikes, art and music therapy programs, and so much more. Last year’s Iced Coffee Day raised over $1.7 million which was divided into 104 Iced Coffee Day Grants for hospitals nationwide. This year (especially with this heat), we may opt for a few iced coffees today. Nice to know that enjoying an iced coffee today is making a bigger impact than temporary temperature relief. So drink up, enjoy, and stay cool out there everyone. Other Ways to Stay Cool These Next Few Days Philadelphia has their 90+ spraygrounds open already, and 25 of the 60 public pools open this week. Besides the iced coffee there are also plenty of ice cream and wooder ice spots too. Today is the first day of summer and Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day, but also National Smoothie Day, National Ice Cream Soda Day (invented in Philly FYI), and National Vanilla Milkshake Day. Plenty of delicious ways to stay cool.

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