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Alexa Curtis and Cari Maxwell shares Her Story with Kathy Romano - Episode 101

Alexa Curtis, Disney Radio host and blogger, talks about her life story and why she speaks about social media & mental health in children and young adults.  Plus, Cari Maxwell, an active member of the National Kidney Foundation, helps raise awareness by publicly speaking about her kidney disease.

Red Cross Red Ball 2019, Miss Saigon at the Academy of Music, and Sips and Sweets with the ALS Association

The month of March is Red Cross Month, in recognition of the humanitarian services that the Red Cross provides. You can help the Red Cross by donating blood, making a financial donation, learning lifesaving skills, and becoming a volunteer. You can also help by attending the 2019 Red Cross Red Ball. Mary Ann Milner, Regional…

Motley Crue: The Trouble With 'The Dirt'

I’m not one for early mornings, but I was finally able to get out of bed around 5:30 AM to watch the highly-anticipated film adaptation of the Motley Crue memoir The Dirt. In hindsight, I should have requested a press screener from Netflix, but sometimes life and never-ending to-do lists distract you from thinking logically.