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Stick fans TO the light poles? Oh man! If the birds win this Sunday, things are gonna get… sticky.

Typically the city of Philadelphia sends people out to grease the light poles in the city, their (futile) attempt to prevent excitable Philadelphians from climbing the poles in celebration of the win. That will likely happen no matter what… in Philly.

Not far away though, Cheltenham Township Emergency Management plans a different approach. They’re not greasing the poles. They’re applying glue. They plan to stick any adventurous fans attempting to climb the light poles TO the light poles.

“While our neighbor to the south are greasing their street light poles, we have an alternate plan. Today in preparation for the Eagles win on Sunday, the Township will begin Operation Fly Trap. Public Works employees will be coating all light poles within the Township with Super Glue. During the Eagles celebration, those persons climbing poles will hang out with us until Monday morning before being removed and charged with illegal use of a pole. We realize this is a sticky situation, as we want you to celebrate, but we also want you to be safe. #FlyEaglesFly (see what we did there?)

I love this. Two very different approaches to the ever present passionate Birds fan celebrations. One to grease the poles. One to stick fans TO the light poles. Both will almost certainly have the exact same outcome though. Gleeful (most likely drunk) fans sitting on light poles, with the best few of a very happy crowd. The fans in Cheltenham though may have a tougher time getting off the pole.

Whether this is a joke or not, kudos to the Cheltenham Township Emergency Management team for thinking outside of the box, and for the laugh.

Go birds!

~ Kristen


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