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The 2023 Philadelphia Water Department survey is now open!

The Philadelphia Water Department puts out a Customer Survey each year. If you’re a Philly resident, you should take the time. The responses help shape the improvements and focuses of the Philadelphia Water Department. The way our money is spent!

We all drink water (I hope). You likely have an opinion on the water you drink every day. If you live in Philly, this is your chance to share that opinion. You could also possibly win $100 bucks just for taking the survey. I took the survey and it took me about 7 minutes. I have a generally great opinion io, of Philly’s water (wooder). I grew up in Exeter in Berks County and to this day hate drinking the water there. It tastes awful (IMO). Philly’s is surprisingly really great by comparison.

Everything the Philadelphia Water Department does is funded by money from our water bills. Let’s provide some feedback in order to make sure they’re spending that money in the best way possible. Take a moment to take the survey HERE, so that PWD can work on what matters most to us.

More about the survey itself:

* Open to any Philadelphia resident 18 and older.
* The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is available in Spanish.
* You cannot take the survey more than once.
* Answers and personal information will be kept completely confidential.
* No private information needs to be provided in order to complete the survey.

Research from previous versions of this survey has helped develop initiatives like the Philly Water Bar and the Drink More Tap creative campaign. Who knows what it will inspire next?

As for the $100 bucks, the drawing for the raffle will take place after the survey has closed. The winner will be notified.

To sign up for the PWD Newsletter, click here. To learn more about PWD’s Customer Assistance Programs, click here.

If you have any questions you can contact (215) 650-7544 or


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