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The Succession Season 4 Trailer is here! Oh man, am I excited for this. Please don’t judge me. I love this show. There are so many great shows to choose from, but Succession is (in my opinion) the best show out there.

Vulture really dives into the trailer HERE.

The best show with the absolute worst characters.

They’re mean, awful people and somehow I root for each and every one of them.

Logan Roy is the last person I would ever want to win at anything. The. Worst.

Roman is disgusting, and yet I get sad whenever Logan hurts Roman, physically or emotionally. I also somehow love the strange whatever-is-happening with Roman and Gerri. It’s cute? Sort of?

I was floored and somehow ecstatic when Tom chose his own career over Shiv… his wife. It’s not like she doesn’t deserve it. She’s thrown him under the bus so many times, and cheats and lies constantly. I hate Tom (maybe the most?) and yet was happy for him with that one.

And poor Kendall. He’s terrible and has such a bro mentality. The guy is unlike anyone I would ever choose to hang out with in real life, and yet of all of the Roy family, I constantly finding myself feeling sorry for him. What is that? I think I’m Team Kendall too, if I had to choose.

Is anyone likeable?

Probably not. Very few characters at best. Gerri I guess? I think she’s redeemable. But I love/hate them all… except Tom. I hate/hate him. Poor Greg too, but it does take plenty of Gregs to make a Tomlet.

Anyway, SO psyched about this final season of the best show with the most hate-able family. If you don’t watch it already, catch up fast!

Succession Season 4 is out on HBO and HBO Max on March 26th.

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