LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 09: Rapper Wiz Khalifa performs onstage during the Spotify Best New Artist Nominees celebration at Belasco Theatre on 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Spotify)

I mean, honestly, what did you expect, it’s WIZ KHALIFA. 

At a recent Pittsburgh Pirates game, Wiz Khalifa took the mound to throw out the first pitch, and like any baseball player with a superstition, or any athlete with a victory dance, Wiz decided to give a “puff puff” movement before throwing the pitch.

Now, for some reason, people are appalled and shocked he would do such a thing at a baseball game.


Let me remind you, this is WIZ KHALIFA. He toured with Snoop Dogg. It would be like having Snoop Dogg hit the mound in his 20’s! I can’t say I’m shocked here, can you?

Either way, many have spoken out *against* Wiz, according to XXL, and we wonder if he’ll endure some sort of fine for the gesture.


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