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Shock quickly engulfed the country music community this past Sunday after a mass shooter opened fire during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

In total, 58 victims lost their lives and hundreds more were injured in what will now be remembered as the deadliest mass shooting in the history of our nation.

Country/Remix artist Dee Jay Silver finished up his set shortly before Jason Aldean took the stage that night.

The country DJ and his wife were forced to run for cover during the shooting, all the while, their precious baby boy was in a room with his nanny at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Dee Jay Silver received a text asking him what room his son was in. He replied with the room number, and it turned out the shooter’s room was on the same floor, a few doors down.

After realizing their baby was in the same hotel as the shooter, Dee Jay Silver and his wife tried their best to stay calm. By that time the hotel was on lockdown, and even if there was a way to get inside, running towards the hotel would have increased their risk of getting shot.

The Vegas SWAT team arrived at the hotel shortly after Silver received the text and rushed the baby to safety.

A few hours later, the country DJ and his wife were reunited with their son.

Silver’s wife Jenna shared a photo on Instagram showing her son in the arms of his nanny — walking to safety. Jenna was grateful that the nanny took such great care of her son in their absence. She is also relieved that her son is too young to remember the traumatic event.

I was emailed this photo & can't stop looking at it. There she is. Our hero & angel, Mary, saving our 25 pound son & holding him for 3 hours after escaping the Mandalay Bay (as seen in the background.) This picture gives me feelings that can't be put into words. The whole time we could not get to him, he was in her safe & secure arms, comfortable in his jammies & sleep sac blankey. Next to my son, one of my greatest life gifts is Mary for caring for him, being so brave & rescuing him from such a traumatic situation just mere steps away from pure evil. - The fact that our sweet boy will never remember the horror that occurred so close to him in that hotel room that night is another one of our greatest gifts. - Yes, physically, we are survivors. But mentally, we are lucky enough to have been given the gift of life & time to heal when so many didn't receive that privilege. It's going to be a long road but we have an unbelievable support system and please know that all of your messages have been received. Thank you. - To all grieving the loss of loved ones, know that our heart is with you & a day will never pass that you are not in our thoughts. We know how precious it is to have received more time here on Earth with our son & in honor of the those who lost their lives or were injured that night, we will NEVER take it for granted. It's a time to reset & focus on a deep, genuine love for each other. - Beyond different beliefs, religions, or ethnicities, we all have one heart. We all share the same beautiful planet. From here on out, we all must let love win. #VegasStrong

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