Here’s Where the Philadelphia Eagles Stand Going into 2024

The latest expert NFL rankings via ESPN have the Philadelphia Eagles in a nice spot. So, let's look at this latest tally, where the Philadelphia Eagles stand and who's on top. I know that we ended the entire half of the last season very poorly. I also know that a lot of Eagles fans are disgruntled, and that makes sense. But, at least the experts think the Eagles have something good to offer this coming season.  Here's Where the NFL Says the Eagles Stand The NFL recently released their 2024 NFL Power Index going into the new season. It has the San Francisco 49ers at No. 1, which really shocks me. Are they really that good? I think it remains to be seen. Sure, they have Brock Purdy, but I don't see them as being the No. 1 strongest team going into the new season. Some of the other choices, I like. For example, The Kansas City Chiefs are No. 2 on the tally, the Baltimore Ravens are No. 3 and the Detroit Lions are No. 4. I personally would have put the Lions above Baltimore, but I’ll still take it. I can’t remember a time when the Lions were this high on the Power Index going into a season. I actually don't think it has happened in my lifetime. So, this is really a reason to celebrate, since I'm a big Detroit Lions fan. I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Detroit Lions' spot on the 2024 NFL Power Index. Of course, I knew that we would be high on the tally. We made it to that NFC championship game last season, so we technically were within the top four teams in the NFL. If the NFL had a Final Four like March Madness, we would be in the Final Four. But, I guess that based on past experience, I still didn't think the Detroit Lions would be getting much respect in the league. Listen to my full interview with Goff, as part of my sports podcast "The Squad with Anne Erickson." Now, let's get into the Philadelphia Eagles and where the Eagles stand. I wasn't sure if the experts would have the Eagles in the top 10, but I personally would have them at No. 6, because I believe that much in this team. Well, according to this ranking, the Eagles are the No. 8 best team going into the new season. So, that's where the Eagles stand. I'll take it. Coming in at No. 9 is Houston, and No. 10 is Green Bay. What do you think? Reach out to me here. [select-listicle listicle_id="216455" syndication_name="10-fun-facts-about-the-philadelphia-eagles-jalen-hurts" description="no"]

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