Love him or hate him, you have to give Donovan McNabb major props. The former Philadelphia Eagles QB McNabb stuns Make-A Wish kid he met 17-years ago. Check out the story.

For the most part, Charlie Peńa was a normal kid. Growing up in New York he dreamed of becoming a football player, as many kids do. But there are a couple big things that set Charlie apart from other kids. One is that this New Yorker was a staunch Philadelphia Eagles fan. The other is that Charlie was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. The side effects of SCA prevented Charlie from doing a lot of the things other kids do, but when he was 12-years old Make-A Wish give Charlie the awesome opportunity to fulfill his dream job, plus a little extra. Charlie not only got to spend the day at Eagles mini-camp, but he was handed the whistle and play cards, and this Make-A Wish kid became Coach Charlie.

Charlie (the kid) finds out:

What a thrill!!!!

Coach Charlie in Action:

But that was 17-years ago. Let’s fast forward to last weekend when Charlie, now 29-years-old, a husband and #girldad, was in attendance at a fundraiser for the Make-A Wish Foundation. According to Fox Bangor, Charlie was interviewed about his time as Eagles coach. That’s when he got the second Eagles-related thrill of his life. The quarterback of the 2006 Eagles team, the team he coached, Donovan McNabb surprised Charlie by walking out on stage while he was talking about his experience.

What did Charlie do? Probably what each of us would have. He said, “No way, Bro!” The two shared a hug on stage and McNabb told him how proud he is of him. Later that night the QB talked about how important it is to be a role model and example for young fans everywhere.

Well played.



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