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New Jersey Pizza Joint Honors Local Heroes

There's a local pizza shop that's doing good things for the community by honoring a former employee who is currently a US Marine. This is what it means to be a good neighbor. Mr. Rogers would be proud. Let me introduce you to Genova Pizza Genova is a pizza joint in Audubon, New Jersey that has been serving their community with delicious pizza for years. Earlier this year, the owners of Genova, the Doukali brothers, learned about a boy in their community who could use some help. According to 6abc, the family of two-year-old Callen McDonnell was knocked to their knees when Callen was diagnosed with leukemia. That's when Ali Doukali came up with a great idea to put a cartoon of "Super Cal" on Genova Pizza boxes and offered a portion of pizza sales to Callen's family to help with costs associated with his illness. The Community Responds The community responded by buying more than 300 of those pizzas, and the Doukali brothers knew they could do more.  During the month of September, a second local superhero is featured on the pizza box. This time, the hero is 20-year-old Harrison Whitman. Whitman is a member of the United States Marine Corps who, growing up, used to be a cook and delivery boy for Genova Pizza. Whitman was injured while stationed in Arizona when a neurological issue made him lose consciousness as well as feeling in his legs. Currently, Whitman is stationed and being treated in San Diego, California with the Wounded Warrior Battalion West. He is expected to make a full recovery. This time, a portion of sales of any classic or drunk grandma pizza will be donated to the Warrior Foundation. And if you're curious about the pizza (especially that drunken grandma - I'd love to be a fly on the wall for their holidays!), the Genova Pizza website describes their "classic" as: topped with our special tomato sauce, garlic oil blend and finished with fresh basil. The "drunken grandma" is homemade vodka sauce, topped on a warm golden crust, our garlic & oil blend, finished with fresh basil. Learn more about our good neighbors at Genova Pizza HERE. [select-listicle listicle_id="229073" syndication_name="here-are-the-delaware-valleys-favorite-drunk-foods" description="yes"]