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This video show a Delco pizza delivery guy end a high speed chase and it. is. amazing.

Mega props go out to this Cocco’s Pizza employee  for his quick thinking, incredible balance, and seemingly strong legs.

Here’s what happened:

Tyler Morrell is a pizza delivery guy who was making a delivery to a home in a residential neighborhood in Delaware County, Pennsylvania when he became distracted by an unusual sound. A high speed police chase was coming his way, disrupting this peaceful suburban town.

At this point, if it were me, I would have invited myself into the delivery house in an attempt to avoid this very scary situation. But that wouldn’t be a story worth telling … 

While Morrell approached his delivery house, he and the woman who placed the order heard what she identifies in the video as a high speed chase happening on a road close-by. The driver of stolen Kia (according to 6abc) turned down the street Morrell was on. In the video you can hear the panic in the woman’s voice as she tells others in her house what’s happening outside, but Morrell is cool as a cucumber … until he realizes the driver is coming dangerously close to his vehicle.

Morrell, still holding the pizzas, started walking toward the road. The driver of the Kia, after hitting several obstacles in his way, eventually jumped the curb and stopped the car in a nearby yard. He got out and started running in the direction of Morrell who realized that he had a better angle than the police officers, so he tripped the driver and police were able to apprehend him.

Morrell. Never. Dropped. The Pizzas.

Thanks to Cocco’s Pizza, the proud employer of Tyler MorrellPizza Hero, we have the video. There is some foul language, quite a bit, but you can still feel the intensity of situation if you watch with the sound off.

Watch the power lines sway once the chase turns down their street. This driver was causing a lot of destruction!


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