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David Carr Shares Outrageous Take On Jalen Hurts

David Carr never turned into a franchise quarterback after the expansion Houston Texans selected him with the first-overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, but he sure has a lot to say about Jalen Hurts. “You have to have a serious conversation if you’re Philly. You have to say ‘Is it better for us to play Marcus Mariota right now and let Jalen get really healthy?’ I would argue that it does not matter for the number one seed.” -David Carr https://twitter.com/NFLTotalAccess/status/1732197840427053077?s=20 David Carr Criticizes Jalen Hurts Carr began the NFL Network Total Access segment with reasonable criticism. He pointed to Hurts’ inability to find open receivers and his lack of game-beaking runs against the San Francisco 49ers. The fourth-year quarterback has dealt with a lingering knee injury in 2023. It has limited his dynamic ability as a runner. He got a little carried away, however, about Philadelphia's potential path to the Super Bowl. “The only way that they get there is that he is 100% and he is that dynamic weapon in the run game because that creates the offense on the outside and your 1-on-1s. Clearly, Jalen isn’t comfortable reading through a defense in a dropback pass scenario. Some would say he’s not even good at it.” -David Carr Hurts left plays on the field against San Francisco. His performance as a passer and as a runner didn’t cut it. Carr’s whole argument, however, lacks substance and a comprehensive view of the Eagles. Does he realize that Hurts rushed for 65 yards and two touchdowns against the Buffalo Bills one week before the clunker? It was his second-highest rushing total of the season. He also scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime on a quarterback draw with better quickness than he had shown leading into the bye week in mid-November. Commitment to the Take Michael Robinson gave a reasonable analysis of Hurts and the Eagles, but he couldn’t stop Carr from digging himself deeper. “Put Marcus in there. Win a couple games. Then you have the number one seed still. You might have it. He’s probably better at playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles right now. Right now, he would be more productive.” -Carr Does Carr realize that Hurts sat out two games late in the 2022 season? Gardner Minshew stepped in for a loss against the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia’s next opponent, and a brutal performance against the New Orleans Saints on New Year’s Day. Marcus Mariota shouldn’t be a starting quarterback in the NFL. The Eagles face two tough opponents in the Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks the next two weeks. These two critical matchups will help determine the NFC’s top seed, which the Eagles proved last year is of incredible importance to earning a trip to the Super Bowl. John Kincade pointed out that Carr’s contract doesn’t extend much longer. Could the comment be a Hail Mary pass for some attention? At least that would be logical. https://twitter.com/975TheFanatic/status/1732377019436913099 Watch The John Kincade Show on the 97.5 The Fanatic YouTube page on weekday mornings from 6am-10am. [select-listicle listicle_id="507116" syndication_name="philadelphia-eagles-projected-2023-week-14-starters" description="no"]

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