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The 11 Greatest Moments In Lincoln Financial Field History

Last season, we celebrated the 20th birthday of Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles played their first game there in August of 2023. Since then, it has been their home, and it has hosted some of the best years in Eagles history. They have made it to 5 NFC Championship games while playing at Lincoln Financial Field. 4 of those were actually played there, including 3 wins. The majority of the Andy Reid era took place at the Linc. And obviously their  first and only Super Bowl came while they called it their home. But what are the greatest moments at the Linc? Moments That Were Not Eligible It is tougher for the Linc than it was for Citizens Bank Park, because obviously the Super Bowl moments aren't eligible. They didn't take place at the Linc. So there is no Malcom Jenkins hit on Brandin Cooks, no Zach Ertz go-ahead TD, no Brandon Graham strip sack, and no Philly Special. If I was making my all time Eagles moments, all of those would make the list, and you could throw in the Corey Clement toe tap TD in there too. https://x.com/NBCSports/status/1616469742272880644 Also several of my favorite Eagles moments from this era took place in a NJ swamp, that the Giants pretend is part of New York. But there are MANY iconic moments that took place at the Linc. Like I said, 4 NFC Championship games were hosted at the Linc. In those Andy Reid years, a lot of their playoff games in general were played here. There is a lot of great moments to pick from. But which are the best? In honor of the Eagles getting ready to make it 21 years at the Linc, lets go through the best moments on that field. It should also be said that not everything on this list is an Eagles moment. The vast majority of those moments are. Lincoln Financial Field has hosted College Football Games, Soccer Matches, outdoor Hockey games, and most recently, WrestleMania. There have been iconic moments at the Linc that have nothing to do with the Eagles. 3 of them made this list. Here are the 11 Greatest Moments In The History Of Lincoln Financial Field:

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