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Save the date! The Just Between Friends spring dates have been announced.

Happening in Oaks, March 16th-19th and in Reading, April 13th-16th.

I’ve only gone to the Oaks events. Held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, and FILLED with anything you could need for your kid. Toys, clothes, baby supplies, strollers, curtains, furniture, bikes, everything. The best part is that it’s super organized and easy to find everything you need. There’s also plenty to go around for everyone.

These photos show you just how much stuff we’re talking about too. Everything you could need for kids.

I look forward to it, never miss it, and stock up on everything I need for the next following months as Trudy grows into new sizes. The sales save me at least 80% off retail. I included photos of my (very long) receipt from last time to show you just how much you save. My receipt was close to $300, but 91 items. Everything averages around $3. More savvy shoppers than I could have done better too. I had Trudy strapped in her carrier on me and I wasn’t as discerning as I normally would have been.

Check out their website for more on the Oaks event at the Philadelphia Expo Center HERE.

Hope to see you in March!

~ Kristen