Are you a Yelpie? I think I just made up that word, but I would consider myself one. I am defining a “Yelpie” as someone who defaults to Yelp when in a new city to find the best restaurants to try. With that being said, I have never left a Yelp review, but I utilize Yelp and the reviews of others every time I travel. And right here in the state of Pennsylvania we have five restaurants that made the top Yelp 100 restaurant list for 2022. Four of them are basically in our backyard.

A recent Yelp article revealed the Top 100 Restaurants in America. In the Yelp list of restaurants, five total from Pennsylvania appeared as numbers 20, 29, 48, 60, and 98. Number one on this year’s list is Cocina Madrigal in Phoenix, Arizona, who is serving us made from scratch Mexican cuisine, sign me up! Note to self if ever in Phoenix stop here for lunch ( I am looking at a picture of these churros and my mouth is watering).

But enough about Phoenix, because right here in Philly 3 of the 5 top restaurants ranked in the top 100. The other 2 are found in KOP and Pittsburgh. What I found slightly surprising was there wasn’t that much variation when it came to the types of cuisine that Pennsylvania ranked for, Vietnamese, sushi, and pastries, took the cake here (no pun intended).

To create the list Yelp reached out to Yelpers for their favorite dining spots. Then, each spot was ranked by total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, and geographic representation, among other factors. If you’ve ever been to one of these Pennsylvania restaurants on the Yelp top 100 let us know!

  • #98 Kooma - King of Prussia, PA

    Cuisine: Asian-fusion, Sushi

    According to Yelp, this upscale, West Chester Asian-fusion restaurant recently opened their second location in the King of Prussia mall and is known for the sushi bar and creative appetizers, such as Grilled Octopus, Calamari Tempura, and Short Rib Barbeque Wraps.

  • #66 Frieda - Philadelphia, PA

    Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch

    According to Yelp, at this European-style cafe, you can munch on breakfast, lunch, and baked goods while attending book clubs, language classes, art installations, and other community events. Frieda is located in Philadelphia’s historic district and is known for their baked goods, including the quiche Lorraine and almond croissant.

  • #48 Gi-Jin - Pittsburgh, PA

    Cuisine: Sushi Bars, Japanese

    According to Yelp, Gi-Jin is a “sexy” new gin and raw bar that’s shaken up the traditional sushi experience with “simple yet elevated” fare.  They are known for their insane bar offerings as much as their fish-forward fare. Diners flock to the Tuna Pizza made with bluefin tuna on a scallion pancake topped with shiso pesto, parmesan, and truffle oil.

  • #29 Pho 75 - Philadelphia, PA

    Cuisine: Vietnamese

    According to Yelp, Pho 75 is located in a strip mall off Washington Street, and is a no-frills Vietnamese noodle shop with quick service and huge bowls of delicious steaming pho. They call their special brand of pho the “hangover cure from heaven,” and it was even given that stamp of approval by Anthony Bourdain.

  • #20 The Bakeshop on 20th - Philadelphia, PA

    Cuisine: Bakeries, Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea

    According to Yelp, The Bakeshop on 20th, is a homestyle American bakery and luncheonette located in Rittenhouse Square. You’ll find traditional recipes and childhood favorites, including chocolate cinnamon buns or blueberry-swirl muffins.

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