It is almost Valentine’s Day and if you’re reading this maybe you still need to grab your loved one a gift. Although I can’t speak for all moms I have put together a list of a few items and ideas that I know I would be happy to receive. The list includes a mix of items if you’re a mom but also a mix of items that would work for anybody! Sure chocolate and flowers are nice and appreciated, but I’d rather something practical that I know I will use. These items are what I would love to open this Valentine’s Day, but these items would make a nice gift for any occasion or just to tell your s/o you love them on any random day, not just the “Hallmark holiday”.

  • Matching Kyte Baby Pajamas

    kyte baby

    If you have never felt bamboo pajamas you are missing out. I have always wished there was a company that made the soft sleepers my son’s wear in my size. Well thank you Kyte Baby for making my dreams come true. As a “boy mom” it is hard to find cute mommy and son outfits and sometimes you just want to go all in and match your boys. Kyte Baby has matching pjs for the whole family. Not only are they so soft they also keep you cool and the baby sleepers have double zippers, which if you’re a mom, you know that’s a game changer. You can check out all the adorable options here.

  • Wine

    duck pond

    To any mom reading this I feel like it’s a pretty obvious gift choice. After a long day it is nice to unwind with a glass of wine sometimes. I have recently been into making swaps to live a more non toxic lifestyle when it comes to the products and foods I use and Duckpond Cellars is the first wine brand to achieve Natural Path Certification and to be Clean Label Project certified. Duck Pond is free of harmful glyphosate and neonicotinoid pesticides. The company closely oversees the growing of all of its grapes to make sure nothing but good-for-you and great-tasting ingredients go into each bottle. Duckpond Cellars wine can be found all over PA and NJ, you can search for a store near you here.

  • PureWine


    So we have wine on the list, but nobody wants to deal with the after wine hangover headache. PureWine is here to help. Pure Wine is the only patented science-backed technology that eliminates histamines and sulfites while enhancing the wine’s natural taste, aroma, and color. Sulfites and histamines give thousands of people wine allergies! Find PureWine at Walmart, Total Wine & More,, BevMo!, Wegmans, & Amazon.

  • KittyNTug Apparel


    Another brand that is making adorable baby and toddler clothing is KittyNTug. If you are a mom to boys you know the struggle to find clothing that isn’t plastered with dinosaurs and trucks, well this mom owned brand gets it. From cozy, soft sweatshirts, sweat pants, hooded bear-ear jackets and teddy bear-faced socks; plus, their happy face beanies, your kiddo will be influencing your own personal style! KittyNTug also sells affordable sensory toys made of wood that make learning more fun and are designed not to over-stimulate young minds that might struggle with too many colorful, loud stimulating toys. KittyNTug has some items for mom to match the kiddos as well. You can shop KittyNTug here.

  • Bravity Bra


    I didn’t know anything like this existed and its really cool. As a nursing mom it is so constricting sometimes to wear a bra all the time. Bravity is an anti wrinkle sleep bra that prevents new wrinkles and creases and helps relieve the wrinkles you can develop when your breasts fall on top of each other at night. It is also great for overnight nursing and comfortable. Shop Bravity here.

  • Mychelle Skincare


    Sticking with the relaxation theme there is something therapeutic about doing your skin care routine and in the winter it’s extra important to take care of your skin as the winter weather can irritate and dry it out. MyCHELLE’s SOOTHE Collection helps fortify skin, aid in easing irritation, and restore essential skin balance. Their Gentle Calming Cleanser is a 3-in-1 multi-tasking cleansing water infused with Strawberry Fruit Extract, vegan Squalane, and Witch Hazel, to help hydrate, soften, and refresh all skin types.

  • Non-Alcoholic Spirits


    Although Dry January is over the sober curious movement is taking 2023 by storm and as a mom myself I don’t drink very often and of course when you are pregnant you can’t drink at all, so non alcoholic spirits like Dhos Spirits help create the perfect mocktails. Dhos Spirits are low calorie, have no sugar, and use natural flavors so Dhos is free of toxins and pesticides. Pair these with some cute glassware and an at home date playing bartendere and craft your own mocktails.

  • Humidifier/Diffuser


    If your Valentine is really into relaxation this would make a great gift! As a mom I will take relaxation anywhere I can get it. This Guru Nanda’s Halo XL is a full function humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. It features shut off mist timers, optional light modes, sleep mode and an automatic safety shut off. Pair this with some essential oils and you’ve got a great gift. Shop the Halo here.

  • Earth Baby Products

    earth baby

    The greatest gift for new moms: Bath Essentials Kit and On-The-Go Kit from 100 percent certified organic ingredients Earth Baby. If you’ve read every suggestion, you know that non toxic products are something I personally am really passionate about finding and Earth Baby’s founder and formulator is committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients. Her products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body. Pair this kit for baby with skincare for mom and you’ve got a really practical and thoughtful gift. Shop Earth Baby here.

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