The big game was super and all, but we hosted a little ‘athletic’ competition of our own and it was …pooper. A total blast.

Thank you to all who came out to this year’s BEN FM Super Crawl on Sunday, February 4th, 2024! Here are some photos from the event.

So what’s a Super Crawl?

This baby crawling competition featured our area’s tiniest athletes, and brought out 20 babies and their families on a Sunday afternoon in the Spring Arts section of the city. This action-packed event highlighted local athletes at the top of their game, showing off their crawling skills for all to see. Ranging from 7 months-old to 13 months, these athletes prepared by chugging milk and chasing their respective pets and siblings through months of rigorous training.

How does the competition work?

The event itself split the babies into 5 heats, with the goal of making it to the final. Families lined their babies up at the starting line and pointed them (hopefully) toward the finish line. The prize? The prestigious Vince LomBABY trophy, of course. Babies had to crawl, not walk, to be eligible to ‘compete’. The first baby to cross into the ‘end zone’ in each heat was eligible for the final competition round, and the chance to bring home the coveted 2024 Vince LomBABY trophy.

Who won?!

This year had some incredibly speedy babies, but the overall winner was 13 month-old Bianca, from Sewell, NJ. Bianca benefited from the coaching of her 7 older siblings. After being carted around to all of her siblings events and activities, she was super excited to be participating in a competition all for her. And she took it. Congrats to Bianca, and all of our finalists and families. We had a really fun time with this race and can’t wait to see what next year brings.

The beauty of this event too, is that an entirely new set of athletes will compete next year. This year’s participants will be off and running (literally) to the next big competition.

Tiny babies making a BIG impact in the community.

The event was free and open to the public at Love City Brewing. The suggested ‘entry fee’ was a donation of a pack of diapers to Sunday Love Project’s Greater Goods Store. This free grocery store located in the heart of Kensington in Philadelphia serves around 100 people per day, including many children. These tiny Super Crawl athletes are already making a BIG impact in the community. Thanks so much for making a difference!

Here are some photos from BEN FM’s Super Crawl 2024:

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