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New Jersey Shore Town Named One of the Best Nude Beaches in the US

A New Jersey shore town has been named one of the best nude beaches in the US! TripAdvisor recently put out a poll for the Top Beaches In The US and one New Jersey Shore Town made the list.  That shore town was Cape May Beach. This poll is a little different than that one. made their own beach poll but they went the best skinny dipping spots in the US route. Who knew there were so many beaches in the US you could go nude?  When you think of nude beaches, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Europe. Europeans are very open and are more willing to take their clothes off in public (or so I read). Also, who knew there was one in New Jersey? When you think of New Jersey beaches, you may go the "Jersey Shore" tv show route.  Seaside, Belmar, Point Pleasant.  None of those beaches made this skinny dipping beach list.  Or if you are from Philly, you probably hit up Wildwood, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Margate.  Nope, none of those made this list either.  How about family places like Long Beach Island or Island Beach State Park? Of course, they didn't make the list.  Okay, it has to be Atlantic City.  Atlantic City is basically the East Coast version of Las Vegas.  Well once again, that's not the one either. Take a look below at which New Jersey Shore Town Was Named One of the Best Beaches for Skinny Dipping in the US...  

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