Don’t look now, but the holiday shopping season is sneaking up on us. Christmas decorations are hitting the shelves well before we’ve swapped our flip-flops for cozy sweaters. And you can’t forget those jingle-all-the-way shopping ads that are already popping up.  Before you can take that first sip of your pumpkin spice latte, some retailers are diving right into an early-bird holiday vibe.

Lowe’s has launched its holiday season earlier than usual, featuring a curated assortment of new, exclusive, and popular holiday essentials. This collection includes items like artificial trees, wreaths, garlands, and inflatables, all of which can be purchased online and found in-store starting in early September.

During the last two years, Lowe’s has observed a rise in searches related to holiday decorations, beginning as early as July. This increase has led to more than a 50% surge in searches on their website compared to previous months. “And with pinched wallets looming from inflation, customers are looking to spread out their holiday shopping and start earlier than we’ve seen in years past,” they said.

Early holiday launch for some retailers

Lowe’s is not alone in its preparation for an early holiday season; other home improvement retailers are also getting ready. Home Depot, for instance, recently unveiled its holiday merchandise on its website last week.

Amazon revealed its plans to host a sale for Prime members in October, mirroring its Prime Early Access Sale from last Fall. This upcoming Amazon sale is anticipated to mark the beginning of the bargain-focused aspect of the holiday season.

For many people, the holiday shopping season starts with seeking out deals during Black Friday. However, the holiday shopping season started early for many consumers in the United States, according to Statista. According to their survey, just over half of U.S. consumers started their holiday shopping in October 2022.  A recent survey by YouGov, shared on House Beautiful, polled 2,748 US adults who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. It revealed that 27% decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving, while 69% wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.

Some say decorating early for the holidays can actually make you happier. Christmas decorations create feelings of joy and can modify hormones in your body, Psychologist Deborah Serani told TODAY, “Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone.”

11 Unique Holiday Ornaments That Will Give Your Tree Some Character

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While some of you may have already hauled out the holly and put up the tree, we’re certainly still thinking about new ways to add to it. A Christmas tree is a special thing in any household celebrating the joyous holiday. In my house, it’s a time to reminisce and look back at old arts and crafts projects, family vacations (we have easily enough Disney Mickey Ear bulbs to fill a tree on its own), and even times when the household only had three of us instead of 5.  

A Christmas tree is special. And usually unique to every house. But the thing that makes it unique is the ornaments we place upon it. While it is certainly a weird tradition to cut down a tree and dress its “dead” husk we’re not thinking about it morbidly. We choose to see the beauty. So we decided to put together a list of fun holiday ornaments that will add that special unique touch and give your tree some character. 

  • 1) Bob Ross Ornament

    I love kicking these lists off with something fun. This Bob Ross ornament is so unique and wonderful. He’ll help paint your Christmas tree happy that’s for sure! This is definitely one ornament most other families probably won’t have. 

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  • 2) Santa Personalized Family

    You can’t go wrong with a personalized Santa family ornament. Family ornaments are a staple in my house, hence the Disney Mickey Ears tree we have. And the ones where you can see how big the family was during a certain point in time are really cool. It always brings back memories you probably haven’t thought of in a long while. I know it certainly does in my family because there is such a big age gap between my siblings and me. 

  • 3) Golf Cart Ornament

    Got any golfers in the family? Or if you’re doing an ornament exchange among friends or coworkers this ornament works kind of well for that. It’s unique and personal for anyone who loves golf. And just think about how many people you know that would have this kind of thing. It certainly adds something special to the tree.

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  • 4) Retro Cassette Tape

    For all you nostalgic-loving folks out there you gotta grab this cassette tape. I like finding weird little things like this on a Christmas tree. It makes the whole thing feel very personal and like a piece of your personality is being shared with the world. A cassette is great if you are a huge music lover and if you want to reminisce about the days when you have to flip the tape around to listen to more tracks.

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  • 5) Bud Light 6 Pack

    Oh Christmas tree… oh Christmas tree, this one had me giggling just thinking about it. Do you love Bud Light? Because if so this a winner for sure. It will not only give the tree character but have it leaning just a little bit by the end of the night!

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  • 6) Bluey Ornament

    If you have little ones and you’re trying to add some ornaments that represent them this Bluey one could be a great option. Bluey is now a cultural phenomenon that is beloved by both kids and adults alike. So why not do something fun and go with this one for your tree?

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  • 7) AC/DC Angus Young Ornament

    I can’t begin to explain why I had to add this other than… I wanted to be unique. If you’re an AC/DC fan I’m sure you’ll love this. And honestly, has a ton of other random ornaments like this on there so definitely be sure to check them out for more.

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  • 8) Gnome Couple

    Now for me, I want to dub this Gnomeo and Juliet, but that is solely because Gnomeo and Juliet is an underrated movie. But gnomes are very popular nowadays and if you’re a new couple looking to start a tree together this would certainly be a fun and sweet item to add to your tree.

  • 9) Football Ornaments

    Yes, football season starts to wind down during the holidays, but hey they are still playing! And let’s face it, there are lots of football families out there. So if you love it, play it, or plain old just want it why not add some cool-looking mini footballs to your tree? Plus, this comes with a couple of them which helps you add that little touch throughout the tree. 

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  • 10) Video Game Controller Ornament

    The gamers of the world are probably rejoicing because I’ve found it! The ornament shows off their love for video games. This video game controller ornament is adorable and certainly would add that fun special touch every tree needs.

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  • 11) Bonus - Lightsaber String Lights

    When I saw these I couldn’t help myself. For all of you Star Wars fanatics out there, this lightsaber string light set is 20 red and green lightsabers connected together. I know it’s not much, but hey it adds that subtle touch to the tree that keeps it uniquely you.

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