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Paul McCartney addressed the popular and very funny theory that his hit song “Wonderful Christmastime” is actually about witchcraft.

The theory started on Twitter via Canadian actor Ryan George who wrote, “Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ is about friends practicing witchcraft but then someone walks in and they have to suddenly play it cool.”


McCartney was asked about the theory in a special Q&A about the song on his official website. Sir Paul said when asked if the theory was true, “Oh yeah. Well, thank goodness they found me out. This is completely true and in actual fact I am the head wizard of a Liverpool coven. [Paul laughs] Either that… or it’s complete nonsense. And you know it’s the latter!”

Macca is then asked, “This theory may have come from people mishearing the lyrics. Could you confirm if the lyric is ‘the moon is right’ or ‘the mood is right’?” He responds, “It’s ‘the mood’! This is the mood; I’ve gathered together the witches and wizards… I’ve got ‘the mood’, which is what we in wizardry call it [laughs]. The thing is about this stuff, it’s so easy to convince half the people in the world. You do have to be a little bit careful! ”

McCartney added, “No, it’s ‘the mood’. And you know what, I’m thinking about Liverpool Christmas parties, that’s really all I’m doing with that song. “The mood is right, let’s raise a glass, the spirit’s up” – you know, all the stuff you do at Christmas. Particularly with my old Liverpool family parties.”

So, there you have it! “Wonderful Christmastime” isn’t about witchcraft…or maybe that’s what Sir Paul wants us to think! (Just kidding, of course.)


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