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Playstation VR2 was announced last night at CES 2022. Consistency is certainly key when it comes to naming for Sony. 

A number of innovations are on the way as hardware specs were announced. However, there’s been no sign regarding price, release date, or availability just yet. 

Playstation VR2 Hardware Specs

The hardware behind the VR2 can absolutely boast some serious power. The headset will feature an OLED screen capable of a 2000 x 2040 resolution per eye, up to 120hz refresh rate, and 110 degrees field of view. Motion tracking, headset vibration, and a built in microphone and headset are also included. 

Haptic Feedback for your Face

New sensory features look to improve immersion through eye tracking, 3D audio, and vibration feedback. This vibration feature really sets apart the VR2 from other headsets, allowing players to feel objects like bullets rush past a user’s head. So it just might feel like a zombie is actually trying to dig into your brain – can’t wait! 

PS VR2’s New Controller – Sense


Image via Sony

A new controller design was also revealed by Sony at the press conference. The new model, called the Sense, is designed in a way to provide players with greater freedom and improved ergonomics for gaming. The controller also comes equipped with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, VR tracking, and finger detection. 

Horizon is coming to PS VR2

A new spinoff from the Horizon series was revealed for PS VR2. Horizon: Call of the Wild is a standalone game for the franchise rather than a port of previous titles. Not much about the project has been announced other than that the game is in development. We currently aren’t sure if this will be an on-rails or fully explorable experience. But we do know that the series protagonist Aloy will be making an appearance in the game. 

How Can I get a Playstation VR2?

It’s still incredibly challenging to be able to find a PS5, much less a VR2 once they’re in stock. Hopefully, Sony will be able to get more units into consumer hands in 2022. But with their current lack of stock and reduced production, it is going to be a while before many people can get their hands on the VR2. 

With Facebook’s Oculus 2 releasing with a ton of units and a relatively inexpensive cost, Sony will undoubtedly have competition. Looking at the specs alone, it’s likely that the VR2 could fall anywhere in the $400-600 range – and that’s after buying a PS5. It’s still very exciting to see what Sony is working on with their latest VR offering and the interesting innovations they’re bringing.

Stay tuned to CheckpointXP for more! 

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