Bad news if you’ve recently been doing the Intermittent Fasting diet: It may not be helping you lose weight.

Per the New York Post, a recent study has basically debunked the diet trend stating, “…intermittent fasting — a celebrity-favored diet in which eating is limited to about an 8-hour window during the day — does not help people lose weight, and may even result in a loss of muscle mass.”

The study was done at the University of California at San Francisco with 116 obese patients. They discovered that people who intermittently fasted for 12 weeks only lost a half-pound more than those who ate normally.

The outlet adds that although previous studies of the diet promised a range of benefits, including weight loss, research was only done on mice.

One researcher who was part of the study states that he was on the diet for years, but the study changed that. UCSF cardiologist Dr. Ethan Weiss said, “I went into this hoping to demonstrate that this thing I’ve been doing for years works. But as soon as I saw the data, I stopped.”

The New York Post lastly points out that people’s success with the diet is most likely because they are restricting calories stating, “Fewer hours of eating a day generally meant fewer opportunities to overindulge.”

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