A new study is now recommending people wear face masks during sex to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The study from Harvard University says those who have sex with persons other than those they’re currently living/self-quarantining with “should be counseled on the risk for infection from partners, as well as risk reduction techniques.” Wearing a mask during sex is just one of those techniques listed.

Others techniques listed include “avoiding kissing and sexual behaviors with a risk for fecal-oral transmission or that involve semen or urine…showering before and after sexual intercourse, and cleaning of the physical space with soap or alcohol wipes.

While sex with someone you’re quarantining with is relatively low-risk so long as they haven’t been exposed to the virus or aren’t asymptomatic, it appears the lowest risk sexual activity is masturbation.

Speaking of masturbation, now seems like an appropriate time to remind you that while we’re all continuing to be vigilant when it comes to hand washing, you should apply the same enthusiasm to cleaning any “devices” you have. It’s just another part of practicing good hygiene.

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