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KISS’ Music From The Elder was released 37 years ago today (November 10) and was so poorly received that the band didn’t even tour in support of the album. Of course, this is just one of a number of flops the classic rock world has seen. Here’s some of the most notorious.


Keith Moon, Two Sides Of The Moon

Many people are torn on whether Moon was being serious or having a bit of a laugh when he released his first (and only) solo album, which was a covers album. But the fact that he sang on all ten tracks yet only played drums on three is just wrong.

Keith Moon - Two Sides of the Moon [Full Album]

00:00 "Crazy Like a Fox" (Al Staehely) 02:09 "Solid Gold" (Nickey Barclay) 04:57 "Don't Worry Baby" (Brian Wilson, Roger Christian) 08:29 "One Night Stand" (Dennis Larden) 12:07 "The Kids Are Alright" (Pete Townshend) 15:11 "Move Over Ms. L."


Bob Dylan, Self Portrait

Unlike Moon, Dylan really was joking on this 1970 double-album. In a 1984 Rolling Stone interview, Dylan said he was tired of being the voice of a generation stating, “I wish these people would just forget about me. I wanna do something that can’t possibly like, they can’t relate to.” Mission accomplished!

All The Tired Horses (cover)

Bob Dylan Self Portrait 1970 Cover by Russell Parker


Lou Reed and Metallica, Lulu

In theory, an album collaboration between Reed and Metallica sounded like an awesome idea, but considering a majority of the album is done in spoken word, you can understand why it was so poorly received by critics and fans alike.

Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu (Full Album)

1.- Brandenburg Gate 00:00 2.- The View 04:23 3.- Pumping Blood 09:43 4.- Mistress Dread17:08 5.- Iced Honey 24:01 6.- Cheat on Me 28:39 7.- Frustration 40:06 8.- Little Dog 48:40 9.- Dragon 56:42 10.- Junior Dad 01:07:52 Todos los derechos son de MetallicA.


Van Halen, Van Halen III

Two words: Gary…Cherone. That’s all you need to know.

Van Halen - Without You (1998) (Music Video) WIDESCREEN 720p

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