SAKON NAKHON, THAILAND - NOVEMBER 06: A stray dog wanders through a Buddhist temple on November 6, 2014 in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. In this province where the consumption of dog meat is relatively common, stray dogs can find safety in the temples. Under considerable pressure from animal rights groups, Thailand's military government is considering a ban on the dog meat trade. A petition through the Soi Dog Foundation has gained over 700,000 signatures and is being publicly supported by celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Dame Judi Dench. (Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)

Stray dogs, in some countries, can be a problem.

One advertising agency has decided to change the way people view the homeless animals. The company, which is located in Thailand, created a ‘Smart Vest” which is hoping to be effective in guarding the streets of Bangkok.

If you are wondering how a vest can provide security, well the vests are equipped with hidden video camera. The technology will stream the video content when the dog barks. When the camera turns on, the heads of this company can see what the dog is viewing by phone or computer. By equipping the stray dogs with vests, they will be able to help the community as well as the animals.

We are sure there are instances where the dogs will just be barking at their other dog friends. However, there is a chance that they will be making noise when something wrong is happening.

Pakornkrit Khantaprap, who is a part of the creative team behind the Smart Vest told the Huffington Post that “It will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities.” They will not only help the town surrounding them, but they will look mighty adorable! We mean, look how official they look in those blue and yellow vests! We love it.

Soi Dog Foundation’s managing director, Martin Turner helped to form the organization that helps stray cats and dogs. He is hoping to do more to prevent from these animals from being abused, which unfortunately is a common issue in Thailand. These vest additions will also help prevent local from harming the animals or will alert when someone is about to do so. The Huffington Post reports that the country does currently have an Animal Warfare Law in place. If someone is caught breaking this law, they can face up to two years in prison and will have to pay of fine that equates out to over $1,200.

Are you heading to Thailand? You may see a few animals with these vests on. It is still a new project, so it may take a while to have all animals covered, but they’re hoping to have every dog protected in the future.




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