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Kristen Herrmann

Hi! I’m Kristen Herrmann. I’m originally from Exeter Township in Reading, PA (Berks County). I moved to Philadelphia in 2002 to attend Temple University and never looked back. I love this city and I’m so proud to live here and work for this super fun radio station. I’ve worked within our radio cluster in one capacity or another since 2005. You can hear me on 95.7 BEN-FM weekday mornings from 6am-9am.

10 Things to know about Kristen Herrmann

10 Things to Know About Kristen:

1.) My eyes are two different colors.
2.) My husband and I have an infant daughter named Gertrude (Trudy). She’s full of giggles and smiles. We’re smitten.
3.) When asked about my favorite movie, I always respond Amelie… (but it’s really Independence Day). Favorite shows are The West Wing and The Wire.
4) I played roller derby with Philly Roller Derby from 2006-2019, competing as Ginger Vitis with the number 957 (of course).
5.) I have a big, wonderful family that includes six adorable nieces and nephews, all under ten! Family parties are utter chaos.
6.) My husband and I met at the Girard El stop. I was lost and he gave me directions.
7.) I graduated from Temple University where I rowed four years for Temple Women’s Crew (starboard).
8.) My food pyramid consists of mostly candy and any food found at a carnival.
9.) I love musical theater but I am an impressively bad singer. Life’s cruel joke.
10.) I almost always would rather be playing BINGO.


My long-time sidekick and best pal  Gloria sadly passed away on July 15th, 2022. She held the distinguished title of the only full-time dog jockey in Philadelphia for 13 years. A dog’s short lifespan is one of the cruelest parts of life, but welcoming an animal into your home and your life is so worth it. We found Gloria through PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). If you enjoyed hearing Gloria bark on the air each morning, or snore beneath the BEN FM music, please consider making a donation to PAWS in her honor. We will always treasure every moment we had with Gloria. She changed our lives for the better in every way.

Learn more about the Globot and see (way too many) photos of her HERE.