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Even the Sanderson Sisters joined us on the Disney Dream.

We just gave away a Disney Cruise to a very lucky BEN FM listener. Congrats to Loretta, from Willow Grove. Her and her daughter Sara are very excited. Here are photos of just some of the ways you’ll be entertained on a Disney Cruise. We went during Halloween on the High Seas this past fall. They celebrate all sorts of holidays and themes throughout the year, so be sure to pack accordingly. I hope to go over Christmas one day. They do Marvel and other themed cruises too! LOTS of entertainment on a Disney Cruise. Learn more HERE.

Next up on BEN FM… your chance to win a trip to Disney World! We begin getting you registered on Monday, March 27th. HERE are all the details.

You Could Win A Thrilling Vacation To Walt Disney World Resort From 95.7 BEN FM