April 10, 1956: Fender Stratocaster Was Patented

The Fender Stratocaster guitar is one of the most recognizable icons of rock - it’s been 62 years since Leo Fender snagged a patent for the legendary axe on this day in 1956, and there’s plenty of talent out there who, within that time, have given us some great riffs, shreds, and…well...smashes to enjoy.

A Dance Remix of 'Graceland' is Set for Release (We're Not Kidding)

Look...we get that DJs and EDM have massive followings, but this little crossover project is rubbing us in all of the wrong ways. On June 1, Graceland - The Remixes will be released and will feature remixed dance versions of all 11 tracks of Paul Simon's iconic album.  Some of the biggest DJs today are featured on…

PLAYLIST: GN'R Songs Co-Written By Izzy Stradlin

Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known by rockers everywhere as Guns N' Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, celebrates his birthday today (April 8), and while he may not have taken part in the big GN'R reunion, the songs he helped write did.