This pandemic has us all locked up in our homes, doing the best we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We’re all working to ‘flatten the curve’, but we’re each only as good as the people on our Quaranteam.

So what’s a Quaranteam, you ask?

A Quaranteam is the team of people (and pets) that make up your self-isolating household.

If you live alone and are self-quarantining, it’s not as difficult to know where you’ve been and who you’ve been in contact with, and what germs you’re potentially bringing into your home.

If you live with others, it takes a team to isolate and social distance. Everyone else needs to buy-in too.

If you are staying in and social distancing and washing hands and doing everything right, but your spouse or your roommate is attending parties every weekend, they (and their possible germs) can negate all of your hard work and sacrifice.

It takes a team to do this right, and a nation (even world) of Quaranteams working together to actually make a difference in this thing.

As Troy and Gabriella and the rest of the High School Musical gang say, “We’re all in this together”.

Let’s take this a step further.

A Quaranteam, like every team has players, and each player plays a position.

There are lots of possible positions. Some players are essential workers, who leave the house to save lives and fight fires and help provide people with the food and essentials that they need. These people are the heroes of this pandemic. They keep the ‘game’ going, period.

So take a look at your Quaranteam. What roles (or positions) do you each play?

If your Quaranteam seems to have things pretty locked down, then maybe start to think about how your Quaranteam can help other Quaranteams.

Some easy ways to help:

Consider adopting or fostering a rescue animal from the PSPCA or Philly PAWS together.

Make an appointment with the Red Cross to donate blood or platelets.

Help by delivering food for MANNA.

Find or organize a group on Facebook to sew masks for healthcare workers.

Buy a gift card or takeout from a local business. Our website has a great list of local businesses to choose from.

Turns out, we’re all playing for the same team.

We have one common opponent, and we need to work together in order to win. #wereallinthistogether

~ Kristen