It’s not like Sweet Children is a bad name; the problem lies within when the band members age.  Think about pop groups like New Kids on the Block or Backstreet Boys.  When you’re old enough to qualify for an AARP membership, a name that signifies youth is just silly.

This is SO cool!

Green Day was in Lancaster last night and went bowling at Decades Lancaster, and then sang karaoke at the Belvedere Inn to celebrate Billie Joe Armstrong’s 48th birthday.

Decades Lancaster

We FINALLY took a break and had our long overdue staff party last ni... ght to show appreciation to our amazing employees! We would not be able to give you the best experience possible without this crew so thank you, Decades Crew!

Catch them in Philly on their Hella Mega Tour with Weezer and Fallout Boy on August 29th at Citizens Bank Park.

Maybe they’ll do an encore performance of their karaoke covers. Billie Joe Armstrong apparently sang “Ziggy Stardust”!

Check out this article from Kevin Stairiker at with a great video from Karaoke.

We hella mega wish we were there.