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Do you love Toy Story as much as we do? What about Toy Story 3?

Morgan and Mason McGrew, a pair of teen brothers from Des Moines, Iowa are such big fans of Toy Story 3, that they spent eight years recreating the movie shot by shot.

The boys first saw Toy Story 3 in 2010, when Mason was just twelve years old and Morgan was fifteen. They quickly got to work gathering toys and sets and filming their Toy Story 3 IRL (In Real Life) stop action film. They positioned real toys, filmed with iPhone cameras and used the audio from the actual Disney and Pixar film.

As they progressed through eight years making the film, the brothers became more experienced and went back and re-shot some of their previous scenes, but also chose to leave some of the earlier scenes in the film to show their growth throughout the process.

Fast forward to 2020 – the pair are now twenty-three and twenty-one years old – and Toy Story 3 IRL is finally finished! It’s an hour and thirty-nine minutes long, and really well done.

They were smart too, and got the OK from Disney and Pixar first, before releasing it. They posted the film to YouTube on January 25th and it already has almost 2 million (1,882,825) views!

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Watch the full film on YouTube here:

Toy Story 3 IRL

Toy Story 3 In Real Life is a fan-made shot-for-shot recreation of Pixar's Toy Story 3. The project was produced by brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew.