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There was a story from CBS3 today about a man in Westhampton, New Jersey who is harassing his neighbors, and damaging their property and leaving notes signed “The Code Enforcer”. Police are looking for him. He’s been caught on video keying cars and flattening neighbors tires. The notes he leaves talk about things that he’s (apparently) bothered by, like neighbors not cleaning up their yards and trimmings.

So far he’s done about $10,000 worth of damage over the past year. They think he lives in the neighborhood and walks a small dog. It’s just a matter of time before they catch him.

It got me thinking about how lucky I’ve been for the most part with my neighbors, especially living in the city. We’ve had some crazies (a little old lady who complains and talks badly about EVERYONE), but nothing too terrible. The neighborhood Facebook group complains – almost exclusively – about dog poop. People not picking up after their dogs. After that, it’s stolen packages. Nothing too exciting.

What neighbor stories do you have? Anything as bad as this guy?

~ Kristen