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The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (and Are Willing to Pass On) is the title of a recent New York Times Article that was trending on Twitter today. It got me thinking about what advice I would give. As a joke it would be – “Never trust a person with clean glasses” (No one regularly receiving sloppy dog kisses is ever going to have clean glasses, and the people on the receiving end of those kisses are my kind of people).

In all seriousness though, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is something my husband says a lot, “never yuck someone’s yum”. I think that one almost always works. My sister often uses the mantra from the live action Disney Cinderella movie, to “have courage and be kind.” Simple as that. Be kind could possibly be the best advice anyone could ever receive, but then today we started Weird Song Wednesday and the first song I had on the show was Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) and that song had a LOT of great advice all packed into one song. Give it a listen (below), and give the NYT article a read. Think about the best advice YOU’VE received and what you would choose to pass along to others. The ones I liked best from the article were:

* “The greatest gift you can give to your children is your own emotional well-being.”
* “Boyfriends come and boyfriends go, but SAT scores are forever.” — Margot Watson
* “When you see a ball on the road, make a full stop. There’s usually a kid running right behind it.” — Paulina Gomez
* “A dollar bill is a skosh longer than 6 inches; you’ve always got a small tape measure with you.” — Rory Evans

I’m pretty sure though, as a natural red head, I should start with Baz Lurhmann and the sunscreen.

~ Kristen


Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO Great Music video from the nineties ! The lyrics are taken from a famous essay - written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune - which gives some amazing advice for life, thoroughly recommend everyone to watch this ! enjoy !