M&K's Royal Day!

It's a Nice Day For A... ROYAL WEDDING!

Listen to the Morning Show on Friday as BEN GOES BRITISH!

Matt & Kristen will play ONLY British musicians/bands in celebration of the Royal Wedding happening on Saturday.

Send some of your favorite British Musicians and song titles.  M&K will play them back on Friday between 6am & 9am.

Here are a few of their favs...

Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt 1

Official video of Billy Idol performing White Wedding Part 1 from the album Billy Idol. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/dmf8j1 Directed by David Mallet, the music video featuring Idol attending a gothic wedding is one of his best-known videos. The bride in the music video is played by Perri Lister, Idol's real-life girlfriend at the time.

Elton John - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee)

The "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" video was shot all in one take with a three-camera setup by Mike Mansfield. During the instrumental section, Elton attempts to teach Kiki a version of the "hand jive", a 1950s dance that would resurge in popularity with the release of the film Grease.

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Music video by David Bowie performing Let's Dance. Taken from the album 'Heroes' Buy the David Bowie back catalogue on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/bowieitunes Listen to this track on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/02k89p Buy the album on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/b3aa0u