This is the time of year when our springtime thoughts turn to chocolate. These little bits of joy are stuffed into Easter baskets, make a great Passover dessert, and are exchanged as gifts.

No other treat brings the elation of a chocolate delight.

Chain store bunnies and wrapped chocolates serves the kids well. For the more sophisticated tastes; we’ve searched for the more intricate chocolate shops in the Delaware Valley.

The chocolate bunnies we know and love today originally were created in Germany in the mid 19th century. Piece, Love, and Chocolate explains that chocolatiers saw the idea of rewarding those who abstained from pleasures such as chocolate during Lent with chocolate eggs and bunnies. Then in 1890, Robert Strohecker, a Pennsylvania shop owner, became known as the “father of the chocolate Easter bunny”, after displaying a five foot high chocolate bunny in his shop. After that, chocolate Easter bunny sales took off and today over ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced every year.

So if you’re wondering where are chocolate shops near me that carry these delicious treats, here’s our list. Order early and enjoy!

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