It’s not every day that you win big. Like $1000 big. But when you do, you’ll start looking around for cool ways you can spend $1000 in and around Philadelphia. What’s better than some throwing-around money?

There are tons of ways to spend in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Some extra moola in your bank is a great thing. You can have fun in ways you never thought of before. The world is open to you when you’re open to spending some cold hard cash.

You can’t always throw a grand at something. When do you ever have that much money just lying around? You ought to spend it right and use it on something that you will really value. Or, spend it on something fun and temporary. We won’t judge.

$1000 is not chump change. Having it will change how you look at the price of almost anything. Coming into that cash helps make life and shopping more fun. Whatever you want is yours with $1000 of play money.

Now, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do with it. After some very scientific brainstorming, we have a few ideas… 

Here are 6 things you can get for $1000 in and around Philadelphia:

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