Sixers star and NBA MVP Joel Embiid married his long-time supermodel girlfriend Anne de Paula over the weekend in a lavish wedding in the Hamptons. Joel and Anne have been together for a few years, the story of how they met is really sweet. Neither of them met before and we were invited to a large group dinner by mutual friends in NYC. Joel was already there sitting down when Anne got there so she sat next to him and started talking. She had no idea who he was, as she was from Brazil and didn’t really follow American basketball. During dinner, they started talking and she realized he could speak many different languages and was obviously very impressed. In case you didn’t know, Joel Embiid is from Cameroon (in Africa) and speaks 5 different languages. Joel and Anne hit it off and the rest is history. They also have an adorable son named Arthur after Joel’s late brother. Anne is a very successful model and has been featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition a few times.

The wedding took place in Southhampton New York at the home of former Sixers owner and current Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. Yes, the same place where the famous “White Party” was over 4th of July weekend where Joel partied with Kenny Chesney. Michael and Joel have been close since Joel came to the Sixers in 2014. Both have said they consider themselves brothers and you can see how much time they spent together over the last decade. Joel came to America alone and didn’t have any family here so Michael stepped in and really took Joel under his wing.

One of the funniest videos of Joel (see below) is when he was on vacation with Michael Rubin and his family and Joel was too scared to go down the water slide. I think it’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter how tall you how, how much money you have, how famous you are, fears and fears, and obviously the water slide was too much.

  • Our MVP and Arthur's Dad

    This video always makes me tear up.  Winning the MVP became much more important to Joel after he had his son Arthur. This is from when Joel accepted his award and Arthur ran to his dad.  He said everything he does is to make Arthur proud. Hopefully that means a championship ring as a 76er next!

  • Joel Embiid Having A Blast

    This video of Joel hilariously dancing was all over the internet on Friday, turns out no one knew the reason for it was because it was his welcome dinner for his wedding to longtime girlfriend Anne de Paula.

  • Lots of NBA Stars

    If you know me, you know I love JJ Redick.  I still can’t believe he left the Sixers and is now retired.  He has a very popular podcast called “The Old Man and The Three” which Joel has been on a few times.  They got close when JJ was in Philly and remained close.  Tobais Harris and JJ stayed close friends as well.  Man that team in 2019 should have won it all.

  • Joel Tearing Up The Dance Floor

    No song gets anyone in Philly more hype than Meek Mill “Dreams and Nightmares.” It was THE song when the Eagles won the SuperBowl in 2018.  Meek is from Philly which obviously makes it even more special for these teams. Meek didn’t make the wedding, but Joel Facetimed him and rapped to his song at his reception.

  • Sixers Teammates

    No James Harden though.  George Niang is no longer a Sixers – he’s headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers – and still made it to Joel’s wedding. Tyrese Maxey being the adorable human that he is. Tobias Harris was there too which was nice. Crazy to think they have been teammates for almost 5 years.

  • Joel and Anne

    Joel and Anne look so happy and can you spot their adorable son Arthur in the back behind them with his little stuffed animal.  Just so cute!  Poor guy was probably like what is going on?  Ha.  He wasn’t in any of the pictures from the reception so he clearly went to bed since he’s only 2.

  • Joel Looks So Happy

    The one and only Brian McKnight showed up to perform at Joel and Anne’s reception! Fun Fact – Brian McKnight had a show in Atlantic City on Friday so he hoped in a car, or helicopter and made it to the Hamptons in time for the wedding.

  • More Pics

    Former Sixers owner Michael Rubin hosted the wedding at his house in the Hamptons.  Yes the same house where Michael had the famous White Party over 4th of July weekend.  Joel and Michael have been close so Joel got here and call each other family.  Robert Kraft, yep the Patriots owner, was there too.  He and Michael are close and have done alot in the country with social justice reform.

  • Joel VS Water Slide

    Poor Joel.  Michel Rubin took Joel with him on his family’s vacation and Joel was too scared to go down the water slide.  This was a few years ago, but still funny.

  • Hopefully Joel Gets The Sixers a Championship Ring Next

    Let’s go Sixers!

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