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We have some amazing cuisine here in Pennsylvania, so it’s probably hard to pick a No. 1 favorite. It seems like every town has their own favorite spots to pick up different kinds of cuisine, making this a great state for food lovers.

So, what are Pennsylvania’s top five favorite cuisines? The crew at WiseVoter.com has put together a study highlighting the top five cuisines in all of Pennsylvania. “America’s love for food is not a secret but what are America’s favorite cuisines from around the world?” they state in the study. “Wisevoter, a bipartisan educational platform, delved in to America’s most popular cuisines by state to find out what rules the American hearts.”

As for national trends, “Chinese cuisine took over most of the U.S. by winning top in 37 states followed by Italian and Thai cuisine. While in the top 5 we saw some interesting choices by state however Italian, Mexican and Korean cuisine were the most consistent by state. Pennsylvania chose Chinese cuisine as their favorite cuisine.”

So, what’s hot in Pennsylvania? Find the full list below. My only beef is, where is the Middle Eastern cuisine on this list? That should be right at the top! For additional details and other state’s rankings, go here.

  • The most popular cuisines in Pennsylvania ranked in order of popularity in 2022

    Source: Wisevoter.com

  • 5. Indian cuisine

    As a vegetarian, I have to say that I love Indian cuisine. They have tons of great, flavorful vegetarian options with lots of spice. It’s the No. 5 cuisine in Pennsylvania.

    Indian cuisine

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  • 4. Mexican cuisine

    Yes, yes and yes. Mexican cuisine is incredible, from wet burritos to tacos to nachos topped with cheese and all the fixings. Pennsylvania food lovers voted this their No.4 cuisine.


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  • 3. Thai cuisine

    Thai cuisine is definitely delicious. As it turns out, is the No. 3 most popular cuisine in Pennsylvania. I’m thinking, that might be a good option for dinner tonight.

    Thai food

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  • 2. Italian cuisine

    Yum. Who doesn’t love some great pizza or spaghetti topped with fresh tomato sauce and just the right amount of basil? Italian cuisine is the No. 2 most popular in the state.

    A Dish Of Pasta

    (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

  • 1. Chinese cuisine

    And, the No. 1 honor goes to Chinese cuisine. You really can’t go wrong with an evening of Netflix and chill with Chinese food, right? I see why this is a popular option across Pennsylvania.


    Chinese food

    (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

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