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The spooky season is among us. Sure Pennsylvania has a bunch of great haunted attractions, but did you know that we also have real-deal haunted places? It’s true.

There are certain areas of Pennsylvania that are rumored to be haunted. People have even reported seeing ghosts at these spots. I’m terrified of real-life ghosts, so I will be avoiding these areas, but there are plenty of ghost hunters who will want to check these spots out. I’ve even heard of ghost hunters carrying around devices to sense energy, and the idea is that the area with a spike of energy could mark the place of a ghost. I actually purchased one of these devices for an unrelated reason, but then read online that it’s a popular ghost busting device. Strange.

The crew at VisitPa.com have put together a list of the most haunted areas in the Keystone State. It’s not exactly science, but they were able to determine areas in Pennsylvania that have experienced the most ghost sightings and rumors. VisitPA.com is the official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, so they are obviously very familiar with the state. “With a past that dates back to the early 1600s, Pennsylvania teems with historic sites known for paranormal activity and unexplained happenings,” they state. “Check out these spooky locales where you’ll discover fascinating history – and possibly a ghostly encounter.”

Here’s a look at the entire list of the areas of Pennsylvania that have the most possibility for you to run into Casper. Also, when it comes to the fake stuff, as in hautned attractions that are not really haunted in real life, check out Bates Motel in Glen Mills (What’s not to love about a Hitchcock-inspired haunted attraction?) and Field of Screams in Mountville. Find more information on all things haunted in Pennsylvania here.

  • 9. Hotel Bethlehem

    Bethlehem: “The 1741 Hotel Bethlehem is the hangout of many friendly ghosts, including a 1800s stage star who sings and dances for guests in the lobby, a welcoming Bethlehem tour guide who greets guests in the boiler room, and a former landlady who appears without shoes or stockings,” says visitPA.com.

    Historic Hotel Bethlehem | Official Site

    Discover world-class service, charming accommodations, award-winning cuisine, exquisite banquet spaces, and state-of-the-art meeting facilities at our hotel.

  • 8. Eastern State Penitentiary

    Philadelphia: “Lingering spirits of past prisoners seemingly haunt the cellblocks of Eastern State Penitentiary. The nearly 200-year-old National Historic Landmark offers daytime tours, or brave souls can sign up for night tours through the dark, abandoned cellblocks,” says visitPA.com.

    Eastern State Penitentiary

    Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers. Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of Americas most notorious criminals...

  • 7. Jean Bonnet Tavern

    Bedford: “Jean Bonnet Tavern, which has welcomed travelers to Bedford since 1762, is an excellent place to satisfy your appetite for delicious eats and paranormal activity,” says visitPA.com.

    Home - Jean Bonnet Tavern

    Welcome to a yesteryear experience of old tavern charm. We invite you to share in the long tradition of hospitality, good food and drink, at this 1760s historic landmark. The flavor of the Jean Bonnet Tavern is traditionally inspired, yet eclectic. Delicious foods are carefully selected and expertly prepared for

  • 6. Haunted Hill View Manor

    New Castle: “Visitors to Haunted Hill View Manor report hearing voices and footsteps and seeing numerous apparitions, including patients peeking out of rooms, a young boy, and a man who offers to take guests’ photos for $1,” says visitPA.com.

    Home - Haunted Hill View Manor

    Previous Next Visit Haunted Hill View Manor Haunted Hill View Manor offers paranormal investigations and tours of a former nursing home /poor farm located in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Hill View Manor was built in 1926 and is a haunted location that spans over 80,000 square feet.

  • 5. Mishler’s Theatre

    Altoona: “The uncovered testimony of a teenage girl claims the ghost of Isaac Mishler haunts historic Altoona’s Mishler Theatre. Madeline Letsche befriended the founder of the theater when her mother, Laura, would help with theatre productions. Over the years, many stage crew members, actors, office workers, and visitors have heard, seen, and even felt Isaac Mishler’s presence,” says visitPA.com.

    Mishler Theatre | Altoona, PA

    Through their ownership of the Mishler Theatre, the (BCAF) is preserving one of the remaining links to the area's cultural past. This grand facility has served home to Altoona Community Theatre and Altoona Symphony Orchestra.

  • 4. Cathedral of Learning

    Pittsburgh: “The eerie Early American Room in the Cathedral of Learning, the educational tower that looms over the University of Pittsburgh, is known for mysterious activity, including shifting furniture and objects, cold spots, and randomly flaring candles,” says visitPA.com.

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  • 3. Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park

    Centre Hall: “Tour Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park to gain insight into the area’s American Indian and pioneer folklore including the story of Nita-nee, a Seneca Indian maiden who fell in love with a French trapper named Malachi Boyer,” says visitPA.com.


    Located in Pennsylvania, Penn's Cave is America's only all-water cavern & farm-nature-wildlife park. We offer the most unique experiences the whole family will love, including two fully-guided tours: the all-water cavern, given entirely by boat; and the farm-nature-wildlife park tour, given entirely by bus. We also feature a large gift shop, gemstone panning and a maze.

  • 2. Old Jail Museum

    Jim Thorpe: “In 1877, seven members of the Molly Maguires, a secret union of Irish coal miners, were imprisoned and executed at Jim Thorpe’s Old Jail Museum,” says visitPA.com.

    Home | The Old Jail Museum

    Off Season Tours (April & Early May) ! Tours will be scheduled most Th, Fri, Sat, Sun. Please scroll down to the booking block to see available times. There's lots of details below so please read before booking.

  • 1. Farnsworth House Inn

    Gettysburg: “Used as shelter for Confederate sharpshooters and a makeshift hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, the Farnsworth House Inn is touted as one of the most haunted places in America,” says visitPA.com.

    Home - Farnsworth House Inn

    Circa 1810. About us. The house is named in honor of Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth, who led an ill-fated charge after the failure of Pickett's charge, claiming the lives of Farnsworth and 65 of his men. Read More Farnsworth House is Waiting for You! Come see what we have in store for you!

  • Ghost Tours

    One great ghost tour, noted by visitPA.com, is the Ghost Tour of Lancaster. “Take the Ghost Tour of Lancaster for shiver-worthy stories of “otherworldly vigils, fatal curses, and star-crossed lovers,” says visitPA.com.

    Ghost Tour of Historic Haunted Lancaster, PA | Lancaster's most popular night-time attraction

    Candlelight walking tours of haunted Strasburg and Lancaster County, PA. Discover a ghost story, visit a haunted house, experience a spooky cemetery as we bring history back to life on the Ghost Tour of Lancaster. Historical tours of Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish Country.

  • Ghost Tours

    Another prized ghost tour is the Ghost Tours of New Hope. “Follow the lantern light and keep your eyes peeled for a phantom hitchhiker and the ghost of 1700s-era politician Aaron Burr during Ghost Tours of New Hope,” says visitPA.com.

    Ghost Tours of New Hope


  • Ghost Tours

    Finally, one last choice ghost tour is the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour. “Explore haunted locales such as Allegheny County Jail and William Penn Hotel on the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour, where the Steel City’s salty past comes to life,” says visitPA.com.


    PITTSBURGH'S GHOST TOUR We are the curators of Pittsburgh's nightmares, the archivists of its fears, the trustees of all things that...

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    This full list is via visitPA.com.

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