Ever wondered where the cheapest places to buy a beach house in the country were? Well, New Jersey is home to one of them!

You may have always kept owning a beach house as one of your highest aspirations. It’s the ultimate dream to live close to the ocean. For one, you can spend your entire summer at the beach without having to shell out the extra money on gas. You can also be first to plant your umbrella on the beach and claim that coveted spot every morning if you’d like, due to your close proximity. Owning a property in a beach town seems like a dream.

A big fat dream when they’re going for the expensive prices they usually go for. Whether you want a second property that’s closer to the shore, or to pack up and move your whole life there, you may get deflated by the housing prices. A beach house equals big old dollar signs, right? Well, according to this list made by realtor.com, that’s not always the case. Some towns have some really affordable properties you can check out. And we just so happen to have one of the more affordable towns in the US right under our noses!

Here are some of the cheapest places to buy a beach house in the country:

  • 6. Atlantic City, NJ

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    Who woulda thunk it? Atlantic City is the 6th cheapest in the country. The reason why? Most of the houses available in AC are pretty small. Small house? Cheaper price. With a city that has so much to offer, it’s almost too tempting to move there now. The median price within 1 mile of a beach is about $185,000.

  • 5. Corpus Christi, TX

    Corpus Christi, Texas, USA on the seawall at dawn.

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    The median price within 1 mile of a beach is around $289,948. This town is on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The water is blue and beautiful. Prices seem to be lower due to damage sustained from Hurricane Harvey back in 2017, but it’s still a dang great place for pretty good prices.

  • 4. Grand Isle, LA

    Gulf Coast Struggles With Oil Spill And Its Economic Costs

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    Grand Isle is small but mighty. The median price you’d be looking at within 1 mile of a beach is $309,500. The tiny barrier island has tons to do, and its natural landscape is just SO pretty.

  • 3. New London, CT

    Supreme Court Rules Cities Can Seize Homes For Private Developers

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    Connecticut has beaches? Yes indeed, my friend. And they’re really nice. New London’s prices are actually stunning in comparison to the towns surrounding it. The median price within 1 mile of a beach is $257,000. In nearby towns, you’d be paying about three times as much.

  • 2. Newport News, VA

    A long wooden bridge over a river and leading to a dense forest in Newport News Park, in Newport News, Virginia.

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    Newport News is about 25 miles from Jamestown, VA, one of the first English settlements in North America, so its got some history. The median price of a place within 1 mile of a beach would be $200,000. It is worth it for all this town has to offer in terms of beaches and dining.

  • 1. Gulfport, MS

    Massive Oil Slick Reaches Louisiana Gulf Coast

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    Looking for some white-sand beaches? Look no further than Gulfport. They boast 26 miles of beach on the Gulf of Mexico. You’re looking at a median price of $224,900 within 1 mile of a beach. They offer a small-town feel, great beaches, and tons of awesome places to eat.

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