Lets face it, sometimes us ladies are pretty hard to shop for. I know myself, and I am the type of person who sees something they want and just gets it. This ends up making it really difficult for the loved ones in my life when it comes to buying a gift for me. If this sounds like you or someone you need to shop for I have put together a list of unique gifts for the moms in your life that I think would make them happy to open on Mother’s Day.

All these items range in price, including some splurge worthy items. Plus, if you order these soon you should receive them before May 14.

This gift guide is also helpful when shopping for birthdays, anniversary gifts, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day. Check out the list of 8 unique gifts for the mom in your life!

  • Zoey Sleep - Weighted Blanket

    Zoey Sleep
    Price: $85-$125
    Shop here: https://zoeysleep.com/products/weighted-blanket

    If you are a mom to a child of any age or like me and a mom to a toddler and a new baby you know the importance of sleep. If you could use some help catching some ZZ’s a weighted blanket from Zoey Sleep or the Zoey Sleep curve pillow would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. A weighted blanket gives me such a peaceful sleep, it’s like a hug. The curve pillow contours to your shoulders and centers your head which helps alleviate pain and gives you a peaceful night’s rest.

  • The Bruvi Bundle

    Price: $398
    Shop here: https://bruvi.com/products/the-bruvi-bundle

    If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep it is coffee to the rescue. I don’t know about you, but there are some days I feel like coffee is running through my veins. Treat mom to a Bruvi coffee system and it’ll be like having a barista in your own home. It can brew seven different beverages including coffee, espresso, and cold brew. Pair this coffee maker with a cute mom mug and I think you’d have one happy and caffeinated momma on Mother’s Day.

  • Plexaderm

    Price: $119.90
    Shop here: https://www.plexaderm.com/

    You may be saying to yourself, Nicole, why would I get these for someone for Mother’s Day. Well let me tell you why, us moms are TIRED and if you aren’t into injections and just want an instant trick to fade away the bags and deep lines, then Plexaderm is the item for you. In less than ten minutes the Rapid Reduction Serum by Plexaderm does miracle work to your face. These are perfect for special events and I have personally used them before a wedding, but you could certainly use them for day to day.

  • MDAiRE Skincare

    Price: Starting at $122
    Shop here: https://www.mdaire.com/

    Is the mom you’re celebrating into skincare? I have been using MDAiRE for the last month and my skin has never felt better! MDAiRE’s skincare technology was designed and created by a board-certified dermatologist named Dr. Stefani Kappel and is medical grade. Recently I have done a deep dive into clean ingredients and MDAiRE is free of parabens, fragrance, and phthalates.

  • VOLO Beauty Towels

    Volo Beauty
    Price: Towels from $78
    Shop here: https://volobeauty.com/

    When I tell you this is the softest towel I have ever used, I mean it. These towels are gentle on my hair, face, and body and cut down the drying time on my hair. It gently absorbs water in wet hair (decreasing dry time by 50%) and features a unique snug strap to keep the towel secure. If you like the spa like wrapped in a cloud feeling then these towels would make a great gift for you. Volo beauty has hair towels, body towels, washcloths, and even scrunchies made of the same material to cut down on drying time.

  • PureWine & A Bottle of Wine

    Price: $11.99-$174.99
    Shop here: https://drinkpurewine.com/

    If it’s not coffee or water it’s probably wine, but I could do without that wine headache. Thankfully Pure Wine eliminates histamines and sulfites while enhancing the wine’s natural taste, aroma, and color which means no more headaches. Pair these wine purifiers with a nice bottle of wine for Mom and I guarantee you’ll have a happy lady.

  • Trtl Pillow Cool

    Trtl Pillow
    Price $69.99
    Shop here: https://trtltravel.com/products/trtl-pillow-cool

    Is the mom in your life always on the go? Make her travels more comfortable and sleep-friendly with Trtl’s Travel Pillow. This pillow has a super cool and unique design that offers cooling and breathable fabric. Plus, it takes up less suitcase space which makes it convenient for travel without sacrificing room for clothes.

  • 52 Day of Style

    52 Days of Style
    Price: Starting at $13
    Shop here: https://52daysofstyle.com/

    As someone who struggles often with what I am going to wear, I’d love to receive this as a gift! 52 Days of Style are daily styling cards that make getting dressed in the morning more fun and exciting. Each deck of 52 cards is packed with outfit suggestions, wardrobe tips, and color coordination ideas. Draw a card for your daily dose of style inspiration. Pair this deck of cards with a gift card to the mom in your life’s favorite store to spruce up their wardrobe.

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