Here are 7 classic Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live skits that will make you laugh.

You may not agree, but that’s okay. These skits and characters I automatically think of when someone says the name “Adam Sandler”.

The Sandman, as his friends call him, started on Saturday Night Live in as a writer for his first year with a show, then became a featured cast member in 1991.

Some of the famous characters to come out of his time on the show include Opera Man and one of the Gap Girls with his fellow cast members David Spade and Chris Farley. He was also a musician, who wrote songs and performed them many times during the “Weekend Update” segment. The songs include the holiday classic, “Hanukah Song” and songs about Mother’s Day, summer and a very special lunch lady.

After five years with Saturday Night Live, Sandler went on to make numerous successful movies. Some of the classic titles include Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer. According to, his Happy Madison Productions has had a partnership with the streaming platform Netflix in since 2014 and the first deal with Netflix was reportedly worth $250 million dollars.

Now The Sandman is touring! He kicked off his traveling show in October of 2022, and he continues it into 2023. Fans have been praising the show online.

And now, in no particular order, 7 Classic Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live Skits That Will Make You Laugh:

  • 'Lunch Lady Land'

    This highlights Adam Sandler at his best, however Chris Farley steals the show. Oh, and you can never hear someone mention having a Sloppy Joe for dinner again without getting the song stuck in your head.

  • 'Pepper Boy'

    Taking something that happens in most fancy restaurants, and turning it on it’s head brings us this classic skit. So many heavy hitters of comedy appear in this laugh-laugh filled seven minutes.

  • 'Sandler Family Reunion'

    This is from the episode that Adam hosted in 2019. Sandler has a very distinctive delivery and many people like to imitate him. So there were a couple fun surprises in this skit.

  • Any 'Gap Girls' Skit

    I was listening to the David Spade and Dana Carvey podcast, Fly On The Wall during their Chris Farley tribute episode and they were talking about this skit. One of their guests mentioned Gap would actually send real store displays for these live shows.

    Oh, and “Lay Off Man, I’m Starving” is one of my favorite lines ever.

  • 'Opera Man'

    The very classy looking Opera Man would make dramatic observations on pop culture. Full of passion and emotion, Adam Sandler as Opera Man sure has a way with words.

  • 'Zagat's with Hank & Beverly Gelfand: Anniversary'

    In this one as “Hank”, Sandler nearly breaks when Farley as “Beverly” starts caressing his thing. Watching cast members hold back laughter and almost break character is one of my favorite things to see on the Saturday night skit show.

  • 'Chris Farley Song'

    This again is from the 2019 episode he hosted. There wasn’t a dry-eye in the house while he was signing this tribute to his friend Chris Farley. He ended up winning an Emmy for the episode, too.

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