Many people I know try to kickstart the year by partaking in “Dry January”, after 12 months of indulgence it is time to hit the reset button and refrain from adult beverages. Lately, I have noticed a lot of people embracing a sober (or damp) lifestyle much past the month of January, trying non-alcoholic spirits, and enjoying mocktails. As someone who just had their second baby in November I have really enjoyed restaurants and bars championing this sober curious movement because when you are pregnant and out with friends you sometimes want to have a pretty drink in a fancy glass too and when mocktails are offered, you certainly can! If you are interested in cutting back on the libations but still like to go out and socialize check out 6 area restaurants that are serving up mocktails.

  • Buddakan

    “Bitter Truth”
    lime, agave, tonic

    They say the truth hurts– that’s not the case for this mocktail! The Bitter Truth mocktail from Buddakan has the perfect hint of lime, agave, and tonic. It’s so refreshing you can’t live without it

  • Fitz on 4th

    “Lia’s Lavender Lemonade”
    A light lavender-infused creation with sparkling water, lemon, and a lavender sprig

    You know what they say, when life gives you lemons… This Lia’s Lavender Lemonade mocktail from Fitz on 4th tastes better with every sip. Plus, it is the most popular mocktail on the menu!

  • Dolce Italian

    “Peach Spritz”
    Seed lip garden 108, peach, lemon

    Time to break the ice – Make every hour happy with this Peach Spritz mocktail from Dolce Italian. It is both refreshing and devilishly good!

  • Talula's Garden

    “The Pilot 10”
    Shaken orange-spiced sunrise, rosemary & bubbly ginger soda

    Take flight with this Pilot 10 mocktail from Talula’s Garden–It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  • The Love

    “No Booze Prickly Pear Margarita”
    Chamomile tea, lime, agave, salted rim

    Currently taking a break from the booze? – there’s love in every sip with this No Booze Prickly Pear Margarita mocktail from The Love. This drink has so much flavor, you won’t miss the alcohol

  • KPOD

    “United Sodas of America”
    Kpod offers several unique soda flavors: White Grape, Sour Blueberry, Pear Elderflower, or Extra Peach

    Every day is a soft drink day– Taste the fizz with the United Sodas of America from KPOD. These are the ultimate thirst quenchers; you can’t have just one, so you might as well try them all

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