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With Halloween quickly approaching, it is important to remind pet parents of the potential hazards that are present this time of year — and it’s not just chocolate! We have tips to keep your pets safe during the Halloween season.

The usual culprit is all the candy. The chocolate, if you will. There’s more to it, though! If you have pets, you may not realize the hidden hazards of the Halloween season.

Dr. Amber Karwacki of Heart + Paw’s Callowhill location, has shared her top tips to keep our furry family members safe this season.

“Pets may behave differently on Halloween as they are not used to the amount of foot traffic, costumes, and decorations that come with the holiday,” says Dr. Karwacki. “As pet parents, we must take care to protect our furry family members from the potential hazards that Halloween can bring.”

Below are Dr. Karwacki’s top 5 Halloween tips that will keep your furry friend safe this year:

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  • Hide The Candy

    Barkfest Halloween Dog Costume Contest

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    We all know we should keep candy away from our pets, but bowls of candy left on the ground for eager trick-or-treaters and kids dumping out their Halloween loot on the floor may pose a risk we hadn’t considered. This time of year it is especially important to keep candy bowls and bags away from curious pets.

  • Be Careful with Costumes and Decorations

    Barkfest Halloween Dog Costume Contest

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    It can be super cute to dress up our pets for Halloween, but it might not be the best idea. Pet costumes can cause stress and confusion for our furry family members, which could lead to other accidents like an injured paw. Additionally, keep the decorations out of your pet’s reach. The last thing we want to do on Halloween is take a trip to the vet because they ingested something they weren’t supposed to.

  • Keep ID Tags On

    Costumed Pooches Prance In Annual Halloween Dog Parade In New York City

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    Make sure your pet is wearing a tag with up to date information like phone numbers and address, and that their microchip information is current. Opening the door repeatedly to greet trick-or-treaters may make it easy for a pet to get out unnoticed, so make sure your pet can be identified if lost.

  • Know the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

    Doggy-Halloween In Hong Kong

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    Even if you are taking all the precautions on Halloween night, there is still a chance that this can stress your pet out. Many of our pets are not used to being around lots of people, and this may trigger anxiety and stress in your pet. Be sure to keep an eye on your pet during the chaos of trick-or-treating, and be sure to bring up any concerns with your veterinarian prior to Halloween.

  • Keep Fluffy Inside

    The Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Halloween Half-Marathon Benefitting The ASPCA

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    This is especially important if your dog or cat is black, as there will likely be more traffic than usual, both by foot and by car. The safest place for a pet to be with all the excitement of Halloween is inside in a nice quiet room.

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