If pet grooming is going to be an integral part of your dog or cat’s life it is important to remember these things that professional groomers wish everyone knew.

  • Start Grooming Early

    If you plan to use a professional for pet grooming it is important to start when your animal is very young. It is important to get your pet used to having their paws touched, which ensures they do not give a groomer a hard time when getting their nails cut. Starting pet grooming young allows your pet to be comfortable with touch and the grooming experience. Even if you don’t think your puppy or kitten needs a haircut it is still important to schedule an introductory appointment to get them acclimated.

  • Wash, Brush, and Clip Regularly

    Regularly washing and brushing allows your pet to get used to the experience of being handled. Don’t forget to clean debris from your pets ears, eyes, and nails frequently. Also, it doesn’t hurt to clip your pets nails as long as you feel comfortable. Regularly doing these things will just make your pet’s time at the groomer more comfortable. If you have questions regarding the right shampoo or products to use, or frequency of bathing your pet, just ask your groomer.

  • Trust Your Groomer & Don't Be Afraid to Be Specific

    Just like you would tell your hairdresser what you have in mind for your own hair, if you have an idea of how you would like your pet to be groomed don’t be afraid to tell the groomer. If you don’t want a full blown grooming session, but would prefer just a quick wash or nail trim, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your groomer wants the best for you and your pet. An open line of communication ensures both you and your groomer are satisfied. With that being said it is important to trust you groomer. They are trained to care for your pet and make your pet look their best. If you micromanage the situation your pet will be able to sense that and that may end up making them uneasy and nervous.

  • Avoid Fur Matting

    It is quite simple to avoid this. Regularly brushing your pet will help prevent fur matting. Matting can be uncomfortable for your pet. If you notice a large matting it is best to let your groomer handle it.

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